Madeaux & DZZ – ‘All I See’

It was a shock seeing the names of Madeaux and DZZ together for ‘All I See’, released within Record Record’s 4th compilation series, ‘Filet Mignon‘. Both are relatively new but sure to rise quickly, evident in their collaboration on their new track.

Other noteworthy artists within Filet Mignon 4 include songs by Point Point, Dombresky and the similarly up-and-coming Nömak, who has previously featured here.


Nömak – ‘What About Us’

French up-and-comer Nömak has released his new track ‘What About Us’ in all its futuristic goodness, proving he is a name to watch out for. Released by Record Record, it is part of the label’s compilation series ‘Filet Mignon 4‘, alongside long-time favourites Point Point, Dombresky and other up-and-coming artists Madeaux and DZZ and is well worth a listen.